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Individual therapy can help address mental, emotional, physical, and behavioral issues that may include, but are not limited to - Extreme emotions management, dealing with grief or bereavement, substance abuse, work related issues, loss of enjoyment of activities, strained family and/or personal relationships, verbal or physical abuse, anger, anxiety, stress, eating or sleeping disorders and sexuality related issues.  


Couple counseling can benefit partners with communication issues, individual's problems affecting the relationship, growing apart, disinterest in sex, not spending enough time together, different parenting styles, money management, dominating in-laws, technology driven distance, life stage differences.


Age and gender can influence a child or teen’s resilience to life changes, like birth of a sibling, death of a loved one, physical or sexual abuse, poverty, natural disaster, domestic violence, bullying, parental divorce or separation, ADHD, compulsions & obsessive behaviors, eating & body image problems, inattention & hyperactivity, severe mood swings, rule breaking & acting out, sadness, hopelessness, & self-injury, social impairment and specific learning disorder.


We work closely with corporates and communities to offer therapy, coaching, courses and workshops to increase awareness, aid in recognition and resolving issues.

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