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The world over, even today Mental Health and Emotions are dealt with taboo and secrecy, where people feel underconfident to open up about real issues. You would have noticed a huge discrepancy between the treatment physical and mental health receive, when they both are equally important for an individual’s wellbeing.

It is important to highlight that Counseling is a scientific approach. As you can imagine, this is hard to explain to a population where every other person freely shares their personal opinion as ‘talk therapy’. While the awareness is improving, we wish to regularize seeking professional support and promote psychological Health as a science.


Find Your Peace is a collaborative effort by the Counselor and Psychologists’ fraternity across the country, to make available mental health services to all those in need. Only professionals with qualified degrees, training & years of experience behind them have been methodologically selected. It is an ethical body, that follows all laid down guidelines of counseling stringently.

In an effort to bring licenced practitioners on board, our team is constantly seeking and has members from the RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) and Chartered Psychologists from the British Psychological Society.

Find Your Peace is an all heart initiative by Tarannum Fareed. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Tarannum co-founded a successful Consumer Insights organization (Thinking Hats Consumer Insights) in Mumbai, India.

Being a qualified Psychologist herself (M.Sc. Psychology), her passion to understand people and spread awareness on Mental Health issues have been only been fueled with time and has led to this ambitious venture of providing a platform to the community.

Our network is constantly growing and we would love to have your support

or hear from you.  

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Find Your Peace Private Limited

Mumbai, India

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