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We have handpicked counselors from across the country for you. Our team is experienced, sincere and the best of the best. Just as one glove cannot fit all, Find Your Peace counselors specialize in different aspects and life stage related concerns of the individual.

Know more about our team and their specializations before finding the perfect match for your need.

Our team is also well versed with several Indian languages for your comfort. 


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Dr Sheba Singh

Dr. Sheba Singh is a veteran Consultant Psychologist. She has completed her Doctorate (Ph.D Psychology) in 2000 and has diverse experience in research, practicing and professing Psychology in academia and government.

She has been an Assistant Professor and Head, Dept. of Psychology across various leading institutes in Mumbai. She is a champion speaker and has conducted innumerable workshops among varied topics related to mental health – ranging from Depression, Sexual Health, Anxiety, Exam Stress, Parenting, Adult Care among others.

She has several publications to her name, with the most recent feature on Marital Distress During COVID-19 and Lockdown (2020) and Parents’ Role in Nurturing Resilient Children (2019)

Sheba is fluent in English, Hindi & Punjabi.

Dr Gayathri Ganapathy

Dr Gayathri Ganapathy is a Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society). Through the course of her interdisciplinary research, (PhD Psychology, University of Lincoln, Lincolnshire) she examined the link between motor skills (gross and fine) and cognitive abilities (Selective attention, visuo-motor coordination, visual memory) among typically developing children using dance as a tool. Some projects she has worked on include, mental health and wellness in the corporate settings, Dance for Parkinson’s with BEAM lab University of Manchester and Health and Well-Being for frontline/support workers.

Championing mental health causes using a scientific paradigm, using psychometric evaluation to measure benefits to physical and mental health, working towards achieving neuro-diversity in different sectors; ranging from recruitment in corporate sectors to addressing psychological concerns in schools and universities are things she works on.

Gayathri is fluent in English, Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam.


Dr Roopa B Rao

Dr Roopa B Rao is a Trainer, Life Coach and Counselor. She has a triple Masters and over 20 years of vast and challenging experience. She is passionate about education, learning system management, vocational training, eco system and skill development initiatives. 

She is a Successful Edupreneur and wants to help people live to their true potential and to support individuals, business owners, startups as well as corporate executives in their journey towards being highly effective, productive and successful. She has conducted various workshops on Self-confidence, Hypnosis, Positive Attitude, NLP Communication and many more for students, trainers & professionals.

Her achievement list is elaborate - from being recorded in World Book of Records, UK for Anuhya Summer Camp (A Unique Life skill training institute) to being the recipient of 'Best Lady Entrepreneur' by Global Excellence India and 'Bharath Vibhooshan' by Global Achiever. She has been portrayed in a Documentary film on her life by the Government of Karnataka, for her contribution in social service.

Roopa is fluent in English, Hindi & Kannada.


Becky Pic.jpg

Rebecca Davidar

Rebecca is a Marriage and Family Therapist (M.Sc. Psychological Counselling) with over 10 years of experience.  She is a trained Crisis Pregnancy and Post Abortion Counsellor, which is a specialization provided by Care Confidential, Manchester UK.  She is also trained in EMDR and trauma therapies.  Rebecca uses varied approaches in Marriage and Family Therapy like CBCT (Cognitive Behavioural Couples Therapy), IOCT (Insight Oriented Couples Therapy), EFCT (Emotion Focused Couples Therapy) and SFCT (Solution Focused Couples Therapy).  She has many years of experience working with couples who are facing issues like affairs, addictions, parenting challenges, problems with extended family, mood disorders, personality disorders and abuse. Rebecca believes firmly that every family unit is unique and therefore a unique approach needs to be crafted for each person or couple.

Rebecca has a forward/ future focused approach where the goal of counselling is to help you move forward. 

Rebecca is fluent in English.

Manasi Saxena pic.jpg

Manasi Saxena

Manasi Saxena is a CNVC Certified Trainer who has been practicing and living Nonviolent Communication for the last nine years. Her work focuses on the intersection of the personal-spiritual (i.e. inner connection) and community-collaboration (i.e. interconnectedness).

Over the years, Manasi has offered trainings, workshops, and one-on-one listening spaces based on Nonviolent Communication, with big and small groups as well as individuals seeking personal transformations. Her focus as been on personal growth and mental health, including de-addiction and trauma.

Alongside her community-based work, Manasi offers focused listening spaces for individuals and couples where the focus is on journeying through our inner worlds to engender resilience through honesty and vulnerability, and to shift into radical self-response-ability, growth, and inner freedom. 

She is fluent in Hindi and English.

Dhruvi pic.jpg

Dhruvita Mehta

With several years of experience behind her, Dhruvita completed her MA in Clinical Psychology from SNDT University and went to London to take part in on-going research projects that widened her approach towards not only diagnosis, but also various forms of therapy.

She has studied extensively to develop her knowledge about therapies which has helped her in dealing with people of all ages, ethnicity and backgrounds.

In addition to CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) and DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), SFBT (Solution Focused Brief Therapy), she also offers color/metaphor therapy, couples and family counselling.  

In her spare time, she loves traveling, working out, cooking, writing blogs and reading.

Dhruvita is fluent in English, Hindi & Gujarati.

Priyaanka Shah.jpeg

Priyaanka Shah

Priyaanka has completed her MA in Psychology (Clinical) and has been a practicing psychologist for several years now.

She believes mental and physical health go hand in hand and that it is important to look after both.

She helps clients with a range of issues - from relationship management, anger management, emotional & behavioral disturbances, depression, anxiety, self confidence, esteem and body image issues, parenting concerns and more.

She believes that the therapeutic relationship is essential for therapy and has to be open and honest.

Priyaanka is fluent in English, Hindi & Gujarati.


Aditi Kulkarni

Aditi is a trained RE&CBT (Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behavior Therapy) therapist from Albert Ellis Institute, New York and a Neuroscience graduate from King's College, London.

She has been working in the field of counseling and therapy with adults for several years now.

Aditi has been specifically trained in Single Session Therapy (SST). She is also a facilitator who conducts workshops, seminars and lectures for self-help and therapy-skills development.

Aditi is fluent in English, Hindi & Marathi.



Parul Agarwal

Parul provides one-to-one support to teenagers and adults using Non Violent Communication. She believes we all have the capacity to choose to live our lives fully. Through her work she supports people to connect deeply with themselves, and re-align with their inner capacities to support themselves. In the past she has associated with different organisations in different capacities- as a Counselor, teaching Psychology, & conducting workshops. She has associated with Young Indians and has conducted open workshops for individuals in Siliguri.

For the past several years of her decade long journey, she has been associated with the Non Violent Communication and the Learning Societies Unconference communities. She has attended several International Non Violent Communication conventions, an Intensive International Training and several workshops with various international trainers. These have taught her to trust in the capacity of human beings to have compassion, and in the power of togetherness and community. Parul is fluent in English and Hindi.


Smita Chakraborty

Smita has completed her M.Sc Psychology with specialization in Clinical Psychology, Sampurna Montfort, Bangalore; and B.Ed, SCCTE, Nagaland; Psychological First Aid by Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland, US; Foundations of International Psychiatry by The University Of Melbourne; Addiction Treatment: Clinical Skills for Healthcare Providers by Yale University; Psycho diagnostics and Psychological Assessment by National Research Tomsk State University; Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health by The University Of Sydney; Major Depression in the Population: A Public Health Approach by Johns Hopkins University and other 40 enrolled and pursuing Programmes.

She has over a decade of experience working with young adults, middle-aged adults, and older adults, with capacity training programs, counselling both academics, and psychological, working in recruitment for jobs abroad, and Peacebuilding programs. She is also experienced as a school teacher and Psychology lecturer in three different colleges. 

Smita is fluent in English, Hindi & Nagamese.


Hemalatha Elanko

Hemalatha has completed her post graduate degree in clinical psychology. She began her career as a psychologist working with special needs children and counseling parents and school professionals.

In 2015, she completed her M. Phil, with her research focusing on ‘how parental involvement has an impact on self-perception and social competence of children with learning disabilities’. Since then, she has been working with mainstream schools and counseling children with behavioural, emotional and academic difficulties. She extends her practice to parents and teachers as well.

She has designed curriculum’s and taught Life Skills as a subject to children across grade levels. Her desire is to help students build their character strengths as much as they focus and build their academics.

Hemalatha is fluent in English, Tamil & Kannada.

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