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This Diwali - Gift somebody Mental Health!


Diwali is a festival of new beginnings, the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance. This festival is about lightning up our lives as well of others. It’s also the time when one sits back and reflects on one’s life and how to make things better going forward.

Find Your Peace invites you to give someone a chance to light up their lives.

2020 has been a year of struggles with so many people struggling visibly, or worse, silently.

So many people around us are dealing with anxiety, stress, depression or something as regular as anger and irritability. One professional conversation has the power to give them hope, courage and optimism to move forward stronger. 

Many people do not have the resources to seek the right kind of help when they are faced with difficult life situations. Through this initiative, you can help them avail professional help by gifting it to them.

This Diwali, be the light in someone's life!


It’s simple.

  1. Book an appointment with our counselor and pay for a single session therapy here

  2. You will get a code via e-mail

  3. Share that code with anyone you feel will benefit from a therapy session

  4. The recipient of the code will need to email us on and ask to redeem the same.

  5. That's it! Our team will reach out to them and counseling session by our experienced panel of professionals.



Satisfaction, sense of purpose, happiness, and sense of well-being is all we get when we help people, isn’t it? Giving back is always satisfying to soul and gives us the direction in our life. It’s only when we help people, we get to know the ground reality and how many people actually look forward to it, it’s just they are not able to say it. So let’s give them hope and optimism without them asking for it.



Counseling will only be offered to consenting individuals/couples. We cannot force or pressure anybody into it. Therapy works best when someone is actively is willing to get help.

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